Sous Chef

Inspiration to be in culinary

Jeffrey had not considered culinary as a career path until he met his girlfriend, who enjoyed gardening and growing her own food. “Food like Hamburger Helper was a staple for me, but when I met Honor, she wanted nothing to do with processed food. Growing our own food became important to me as well because I wanted to ensure that my family had healthy food to eat.”

Jeffrey looked for opportunities to learn more about how to cook his favorite meals from scratch and adding his own twist to them. While working construction, his dad was working at Lutsen Resort and told him about an opening with the culinary team. Jeffrey applied and has been creating delicious fare since! A couple of his own creations can be found in the Poplar River Pub and our Dining Room; Jeffrey’s Prime Rib Grilled Cheese and new for the summer, Ribyaki.

Favorite Dish

My favorite dish is Chinese Orange Chicken. I started with a recipe that was for a lime-glazed barbecue chicken and I’ve evolved it into something of my own.


Pasta. I enjoy making homemade pastas at the resort and at home. I started teaching my daughter when she a year old. Over the last couple of years she has become quite the helper and it’s a fun that we can do this together as she learns and appreciates where her food comes from.  

When not in the kitchen

I like to play drums. I play in a couple bands with friends and my dad’s group. I also enjoy beer and softball. My favorite beer has to be, a cold one.

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