New year, new look

Hallway1We started out the year working diligently to complete the residing of the hallway outside our Pub. It has a livening effect on me in the morning as I walk through that area to clock in and grab a cup of Joe. The fresh, new wood really does wonders brightening up the hallway, as the natural light from the courtyard and the lobby windows illuminates the light brown hues on the walls.

IMG_2375April is a month to celebrate and emphasize acts of environmental sustainability with Earth Day right around the corner. In that regard, the most exciting part of the renovation is the addition to our “boatwood” tables and chairs, which add more seating space outside our Poplar River Pub. These chairs are made of recycled Balinese fishing boats. The rustic splash of color complements the new wood walls quite well.

Bali Boat.4

Courtney & Leigh Interiors of Superior, WI turn the journey of retired fishing boats re-imagined into designer furniture.  Every piece is authentic and unique, built with boatwood from the exotic island of bali and crafted with original wood and paint from retired boats.

The hallway improvements also included a new quieter space for our computer station; new coffee station and a built-in bookshelf, which opens up a whole shelf for more reads.

Improvements in the resort will continue as we plan to replace all the windows on the West side of the Lodge this spring and a major portion of the Lodge exterior will be painted. Changes like these will give you something to look forward to seeing during your next stay while also enjoying the original Lutsen Resort tradition.