Sprinter: A North Shore Tradition

Minnesota is known for its four glorious seasons. The summers are filled with tire swings, casting lines, a cold one or two on the deck, and evening campfires with all the s’mores fixings. Fall bursts with colors you have to see to believe. Winter transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland with a side of endless outdoor adventures and cozy fireplaces. As we turn towards spring, Minnesota seems to take pride in having an extra season squished right in the middle of this seasonal transition. Loving known as “Sprinter,” it doesn’t have a special date on the calendar like all of the other seasons. No, sprinter flies by the seat of its pants. Sometimes arriving as early as mid-February and staying as late as May.

Up here, we know how to do sprinter the best. You could say it’s a long-standing tradition. It can be dumping a foot of snow five miles inland, while
the shore melts away. You can hit the ski hill in the morning and cruise on spring sugar snow in a t-shirt and then hike on snow-clear trails by the Temperance in the afternoon.

With a thunderstorm one day and a snowstorm the next, sprinter keeps us all guessing. But that’s the beauty of where we live. Soon enough, we’ll move onto the next extreme and instead of comparing how cold it got at our houses, we’ll be comparing how hot it was. So for now, enjoy this moment in time where we get a bonus of two seasons in one.

Until next time, remember that the lowest fence is the easiest to get across.


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