Lutsen Resort Has Sold

Following 30 years of ownership, Scott Harrison and Nancy Burns have turned over the iconic Lutsen Resort to new owners. Historic Lutsen Resort sold on August 15, 2018 to North Shore Resort Company, a family company owned by Bryce Campbell and his mother, Sheila.

Scott and Nancy said of the sale, “It’s definitely a bittersweet moment for us.   We are looking forward to new opportunities.  At the same time, Lutsen Resort has been deeply interwoven in our lives for the past 30 years.   It’s hard to imagine what life will be like without it!   But it’s time for us to retire from actively running a business and time to turn it over to younger ownership.”

Former Owners Nancy Burns and Scott

Scott and Nancy intend to remain in Cook County and stay active in community organizations.

New owner, Bryce, said of his purchase of the resort, “I’ve always admired historic lodges, so I’m proud to be able to carry on with Lutsen’s legacy.”

Lutsen Resort History

Lutsen Resort is Minnesota’s oldest resort. Established in 1885, the rugged natural beauty of Lake Superior’s North Shore prompted Charles Axel Nelson, a young Swedish immigrant, to establish his homestead overlooking the lake. He called it “Lutsen.”

Soon married, he and his family supported themselves through fishing, logging and trapping. The original cabin, built on the site of the current Lutsen Resort lodge, grew into an ever-larger family home. In the early days, long before a road was built, travelers found Lutsen a stop of convenience as they made their way up the lake by boat, horseback or on foot. The Nelson children were asked to vacate their beds to accommodate overnight travelers.

As its reputation for welcoming guests grew, Lutsen began to attract visitors who came to stay – to hike, fish and hunt. Known as a friendly haven for weary travelers, the family home evolved into one of Minnesota’s favorite destinations for generations of visitors.

Through their 30 years, Scott and Nancy focused on maintaining the sense of tradition and history that the property evokes, while continuing to add new lodging options, guided outdoor activities and amenities for today’s travelers.

For more about Lutsen Resort’s history, as well as Scott and Nancy’s tenure, visit

8 comments on “Lutsen Resort Has Sold

  1. Tom W Spence on

    Congratulations Nancy and Scott. Those of us who lived in the community know all to well how hard both of you worked to maintain the tradition and high quality expected of Lutsen Resort. I still remember a weekday morning that I stopped by to talk to Nancy about a local issue of mutual interest. She was busy cleaning rooms & asked me to wait! An hour later I gave up. Best to both of you going forward.

  2. Ruth Olson on

    Bitter sweet! Thanks for all you have contributed to the thousands who have visited the resort. And for all you have done to enrich life in Cook County. Happy retirement!
    Ruth Olson

  3. Solveig Vick on

    Scott and Nancy, you have done such a fantastic job over all these years. Beautiful location, comfortable and beautiful lodge, wonderful employers, welcoming to visitors and locals. Thank you! Enjoy the change 🙂

  4. Gail Jerde on

    Want to agree on the bittersweet, wishing the best to you and your new life’s chapter. We have been coming up there for so,so many years. It has always felt like a second home, in a way. We love the history of the place. Sure hope it doesn’t change. Thanks for always making us feel welcome.
    Gail and Jim Jerde.

  5. Diane Higgins on

    Scott & Nancy,
    Thank you so much for being such welcoming hosts during your 30 years of caring for guests & employees alike! Lutsen Resort certainly is a very special place in my heart as it is with so many others, I’m sure.
    Best wishes to you both on your retirement & enjoy this next chapter.
    I hope to bump into you (perhaps relaxing on the beach) my next visit to the north shore.
    Warm wishes,
    Diane Higgins


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