Embracing Winter – Updates from Lutsen Resort

Embracing Winter – Updates from Lutsen Resort

Here at Lutsen Resort, we are fully embracing the adventurous North Shore winter. We have a few fun and exciting upgrades that have happened recently. We’ve shared some details below, but keep in mind – you’ll have to come see for yourself to enjoy the full experience.

Wine dispensing station

The new wine dispensing station

Firstly, our largest project was the renovation of our dining room. The renovation is just about complete and the dining room is open for business. The final puzzle piece we are still waiting for is the wine cellar installation. Once that happens, we’ll do a separate blog posting all about it. Until then, you can see photos of the new dining room on our Facebook Page. We’ve received an outpouring of positive feedback, which we greatly appreciate and value.


Secondly, we installed an outdoor ice-skating rink. The ice rink is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm and has already been enjoyed by many! Use of the ice rink as well as skate rentals are complimentary for guests. There is also a seating area with a bonfire pit next to the ice rink. Oh, and did we mention that the outdoor ice rink has Lake Superior views? Photo op!

Ice Rink

Thirdly, the rooms in the Lutsen lodge got bundled up for the winter with old fashioned ski décor. The goal was to encompass a true ski lodge experience and, as you can see, the result is cozy and beautiful.

Lodge Room

Fourth, complimentary hot chocolate bar! Need we say more?

Hot Chocolate Bar

Fifth, we’ll be updating the lobby with some new furniture. Now this won’t be a major renovation or anything, but we are adding new couches and curtains. We take pride in having the coziest, most welcoming lobby on the north shore and we want to continue to provide that environment for you to come enjoy.

Lastly, we’re adding cheese fondue to the menu! Chef Chris has perfected the recipe and it’s ready to serve this week. Because who doesn’t love fondue?  






4 comments on “Embracing Winter – Updates from Lutsen Resort

  1. Jeff and Ruth on

    hi. We have a family tradition of spending New Years at Lutsen Resort going back maybe 8 years or so and planning to continue for as long as we can foresee. We love the resort and in particular the main lobby area. A few years back we switched from staying in townhouses to staying in the lodge itself, primarily just so we could spend even more time in the lobby. It is, indeed the coziest, most welcoming lobby on the north shore!!

    Some feedback for the wonderful folks at Lutsen Resort:
    1) loved the hot chocolate bar–huge hit
    2) we continue to have great experiences with your activity staff–we are huge fans of the snowshoe and xc tours
    3) the new dining room renovation looks great–nice update, but retaining the old character. Well done!
    4) we really missed having yoga available as an activity over the New Years’ weekend–hoping it will return!
    5) after several years of experiencing (and participating in) the New Years Eve buffet, we want to say that we really don’t like the loss of the lobby area on New Year’s Eve. Looking around the dining space, it seems that there is more room there than there was before, and we’re hoping you can figure out a way to move the buffet into the dining room. Losing the lobby on New Year’s Eve is a big deal for us. If that’s going to continue, we are actually considering no longer coming then, or perhaps staying somewhere else. We love, love, love being with you on New Years, and particularly enjoying music in the lobby on New Years Eve, as we used to do until a few years ago. So we are very hopeful that you will take this feedback into account and find a way to make that work.

    Thanks so much!


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