Dining Room Furniture Lottery

Greetings friends of Lutsen Resort! Over the years we have heard from many of you that you would be interested in purchasing our dining room furniture, should we ever decide to make a change. The time has come!

We will be completely renovating the dining room between November 25th and December 13th and we’d like to give you the opportunity to purchase some of the furniture. 

Lutsen Resort Dining Room

In order to be fair, we will be selling the furniture lottery style. We will collect contact information of anyone interested in the furniture via this form. The form MUST be completed no later than 10 am on Monday, November 26, 2018. The form does NOT commit you to buying anything. It simply ensures that you are eligible for the drawing that will give you the opportunity to purchase furniture if you’d like. Selections will be drawn on November 26th at 12 pm. We will notify those that have been selected by 4 pm on November 26th.

Items will be available to be picked up beginning November 26th. They MUST be picked up by December 14, 2018 at 4 pm.

Please note: The Dining Room chairs will still be in use following the renovation therefore that lottery drawing will occur at a later date, yet to be determined.

Own a piece of history! Here is the information on the furniture available. Images are posted below.

  • Dining Room Tables – These are the original main lodge dining room tables, built in 1952 following the 2nd fire. They were recently refurbished with a heavy “bar pour” style. They are available in
    • 6-tops (38″x68″) $250
    • 4-tops (45″x45″) $200
    • 2-tops (32″x48″) $150
  • 4 Strand “Jello Lamps” – $200
  • Dining Room Chairs – $25 – note that these will be available at a later date yet to be determined.

New Dining Room Tables


Remember you MUST fill out this form. Note that filling out the form does NOT commit you to buying anything. It simply makes you eligible for the drawing that will give you the opportunity to purchase furniture if you’d like.

Contact Marketing Director, Katie Krantz, with any questions. 218-663-6669 or [email protected] Note: It’s possible that more jello lamps will be available as we continue to renovate. That will be determined at a later date.

Regarding the renovation, follow us on social media to see the progress! Be sure to book your stay to see the newly renovated dining room after December 13th.

35 comments on “Dining Room Furniture Lottery

  1. Kathleen Matthew on

    Love Lutsen and the dinning room! We have sat in that dining room for Christmas for the last 30+ years and some summers also(including our daughters wedding at the resort…reception in that beautiful dining room❤️).

  2. Jeremy Baty on

    We are interested in either tables or Jello lamps but would CERTAINLY purchase a Jello lamp! What a piece of history and art! I grew up going to that Lodge and have wonderful memories of eating in the dining room.

  3. Ann Marie Marie Maillette on

    One of the many good memories of your dining room is my husband being delighted to find Frog legs on the menu – he ordered them, enjoyed them, and our then 6 year old daughter wished to try them – she did – loved them too. I didn’t try them, but I never forgot what they ate — not a clue what I ordered.

  4. Susan Backlund-Dixon on

    My husband and I had our wedding reception in the dining room in October 1994 – it was absolutely perfect – the setting and the food. We would love the small table and chairs to remember that fabulous night. My Grandma was taking care of Inga’s Mother Sonneva Toftey (her Aunt) when the fire of 1947 broke out – she alerted everyone and got Sonneva out as she was in a wheelchair. We truly love Lutsen Resort.😍

  5. Beth on

    We really hope we can buy a six top table! It would be so special to have a table from our wedding day! (Our wedding photo is in the hallway by the dining hall too!)

  6. Lewis Wynn on

    So do you have to be selected in TWO lotteries to be able to buy a table and then chairs? Could you end up not being able to buy the chairs later because you were picked for the first lottery but nor the second?

    • Katie Krantz on

      Hi Lewis. That’s right. We had to do it that way as some folks wanted a table but no chairs or the other way around. Thanks for clarifying.

  7. Sheila Smith on

    Did the lottery happen and are all the chairs and tables gone? It would be nice if you could report on the outcome, thanks. We entered but never heard back from you.


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