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Civic Giving

Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior Lutsen Resort has a strong commitment to our wider community. Individually, as owners, managers and employees, we support our community through volunteering our time and skills. In addition, Lutsen Resort gives many thousands of dollars each year in cash, food, lodging, staff time and other types of donations to numerous civic organizations.

We are a relatively small, family-owned business and have a limited capacity to respond to the astounding number of requests for assistance we receive daily. These requests come from a wide range of excellent organizations throughout the state who provide assistance to people with significant needs. 

We can only help a fraction of those seeking our assistance.

Before you make a request of us, let us share the priorities which guide our civic giving. We feel these areas best represent our commitment to our local community and the environment.

  1. Our first commitment is to our local community of Cook County. This is a large area with limited resources available to provide civic giving to its population.
  2. Organizations which conserve the earth and the plants, animals and communities that depend on a healthy environment.
  3. Organizations with which we have a current tie, either historical or personal.

If you do not fit into one of these categories, it is unlikely that we will have sufficient resources to help. We are happy to visit with you, but you want to be aware of our limits. If you wish to email us regarding a donation, please feel free. We will do our best to get back to you. We wish we were able to be helpful to all who seek our assistance.

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