Chasing Waterfalls at Lutsen Resort

Here on the North Shore we are under the impression that you SHOULD go chasing waterfalls (despite the popular 90’s song)! Because the spring thaw isn’t something to simply endure, it’s something to CELEBRATE and mother nature does that exceedingly well. When the 8 feet of snowfall from this winter melts, the resulting waterfalls along the North Shore will be flowing with ferocity. The roar of the rapids and rainbow inducing cascading falls are truly a natural phenomena and something everyone should see in their lifetime.

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Sometimes you may even be greeted with a rainbow like in this video.

While the falls flow all summer long, the volume of water makes April and May the best time to view them.

Why stay at Lutsen Resort for your Waterfall Adventure? A few reasons.

  1. We are located in between Minnesota’s two greatest waterfall state parks: Temperance and Cascade
  2. We have waterfalls on-site – you don’t even have to leave the resort 
  3. We will give you a third night free so you can explore more!

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