Celebrate “traveling”

Happy National Travel and Tourism Week everybody! These past 20 years I spent living in this country and I had no idea this even existed. Thought I’d spread the word in case you were unaware as well. Check it out: U.S. Travel Association

What I found especially interesting was the “Travel is_____” at the bottom of the page. I believe traveling is stepping out of your element and doing something different, which can take place anywhere from your hometown to taking an airplane to New Zealand.

What I am implying is that you do not need to necessarily venture to far away places and spend tons of money to “travel.”  Doing something outside of your daily routine can have profound effects on your well-being, so long as it is a positive and healthy activity. The excitement of engaging in something out of the ordinary can yield feelings of freshness, youth, and liberation.

Celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week from May 2 to May 10 either with a spontaneous vacation to a far away land or from the comfort of your home. Suggestions:

Try a new outdoor activity, or at least something you haven’t done in a while (bicycle ride, canoeing, running, rollerblading, bird watching, etc.)

Try a new food or cook an ethnic meal

Go for a walk somewhere you have never been before

Do some research and make a list of places you want to go in the next ten years

Go to a restaurant, coffee shop or bar you have never been to

Read a book or watch a movie from a different culture than your own

Take a drive and visit a completely random town you have never been to

Call up an old friend and catch up

Participate in a community class or social gathering and meet new people

Listen to a different music genre or new bands

Teach yourself a new skill (language, guitar, card trick, bracelet making, etc.)

Rearrange your living room

Trying new things, exploring new places, and switching up the daily routine on a small to large scale are all examples of “traveling” to me. I encourage you to use National Tourism and Travel Week as a reason to get out and “travel” in any kind of way that is most convenient and satisfying for you. Enjoy and feel free to share your stories.