Celebrate “traveling”

Happy National Travel and Tourism Week everybody! These past 20 years I spent living in this country and I had no idea this even existed. Thought I’d spread the word in case you were unaware as well. Check it out: U.S. Travel Association

What I found especially interesting was the “Travel is_____” at the bottom of the page. I believe traveling is stepping out of your element and doing something different, which can take place anywhere from your hometown to taking an airplane to New Zealand.

What I am implying is that you do not need to necessarily venture to far away places and spend tons of money to “travel.”  Doing something outside of your daily routine can have profound effects on your well-being, so long as it is a positive and healthy activity. The excitement of engaging in something out of the ordinary can yield feelings of freshness, youth, and liberation.

Celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week from May 2 to May 10 either with a spontaneous vacation to a far away land or from the comfort of your home. Suggestions:

Try a new outdoor activity, or at least something you haven’t done in a while (bicycle ride, canoeing, running, rollerblading, bird watching, etc.)

Try a new food or cook an ethnic meal

Go for a walk somewhere you have never been before

Do some research and make a list of places you want to go in the next ten years

Go to a restaurant, coffee shop or bar you have never been to

Read a book or watch a movie from a different culture than your own

Take a drive and visit a completely random town you have never been to

Call up an old friend and catch up

Participate in a community class or social gathering and meet new people

Listen to a different music genre or new bands

Teach yourself a new skill (language, guitar, card trick, bracelet making, etc.)

Rearrange your living room

Trying new things, exploring new places, and switching up the daily routine on a small to large scale are all examples of “traveling” to me. I encourage you to use National Tourism and Travel Week as a reason to get out and “travel” in any kind of way that is most convenient and satisfying for you. Enjoy and feel free to share your stories.









Runnin’ and Rollin’ into May

Me, at about mile 2

Me, at about mile 2

We have had splendid spring weather this past week on the North Shore. The vast natural environment  we have in Cook County allows us to host outdoor events such as running and biking races. Yesterday, the 2015 Ham Run Half Marathon took place up the Gunflint Trail. There were roughly 60 participants who prevailed through the hilly course in the whopping 72 degree weather.

On the drive up, we knew it was going to be a scorcher, but the breathtaking scenery along the course made every bound of the way enjoyable.



The course meandered through various bodies of water such as lakes, swamps, ponds, rivers, and creeks, which all looked very temping to jump in to. The lack of wind made the lakes and ponds look like sheets of glass reflecting the surrounding trees and homes on the shoreline. The sound of the flowing creeks and rivers alongside the road felt very refreshing to hear as we pushed ourselves mile by mile.

Rolling hills in the distance

Rolling hills in the distance

Creek alongside road

Creek alongside road

The finish line was right next to a big lake that many of us took advantage of. Immersing into the shocking 50 degree water actually felt amazing after the 13.1 hilly miles in the heat.It was definitely a challenging course, but the surrounding views, feeling of accomplishment and sense of camaraderie made the feat worthwhile.

Lake at end of course

Lake at end of course

Coming up next, we have the Superior Spring Trail Races  taking place on May 16 right here in Lutsen. The races take place on the Superior Hiking Trail starting at Caribou Highlands on the ski hill and traversing down and back along the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Racers have the option of either a 25k or 50k run through the rough yet spectacularly scenic terrain of the North Shore.

Switching gears, it’s also that time of year to lube up the chains and get the wheels rolling on our bicycles that have been oh so eagerly awaiting riding season all winter long. After all, May is National Bike Month, established by the League of American Bicyclists in 1956 to celebrate the benefits of riding your bicycle.

Whether it be recreational trail and road riding or for commuting, Cook County caters to all. The Sugarbush and Pincushion mountain bike trail systems should be opening up pretty soon and the Gitchi Gammi paved bike trail is always a great option for a nice paved cruise.

To celebrate National Bike Month, Superior North Outdoor bike shop, located in Grand Marais, will be hosting bicycle related events in Cook County to promote bicycle safety, commuting, etc. throughout the month. But no matter where you reside, you can participate in National Bike to Work Week May 18-22.

Biking, running, walking and hiking are all sustainable activities that give you a reason to get in some great exercise outside. Take advantage of this wonderful spring weather we are having with the endless opportunities of recreation up here in Minnesota’s North land and join us for a relaxing visit before the summer bustle begins.

Fisherman in front of resort

Fisherman enjoying the calm morning in front of resort