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Find out the Latest Happenings at Lutsen Resort

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    50 Years of the Sea Villas

    We all know that recognizable sign, “Lutsen Sea Villa Townhomes” indicating you’ve made it to Lutsen. Have you ever stayed in a Sea Villa? Do you know what makes them distinct? How about the interesting history behind the development? Built in 1968, the Sea Villas are now celebrating 50 years of accommodating visitors to the North Shore.

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    Winter Nature Moments at Lutsen Resort

    Every winter is beautiful in its own way but here on the North Shore, this winter takes the cake. Conditions have been excellent, with new snow seemingly in the forecast every time the current snow gets to be a bit crunchy. All in all we’ve received over 90 inches. 

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    Unforgettable Since 1885

    You may have noticed that we’ve been using a new tagline for Lutsen Resort, “Unforgettable Since 1885”. The tagline was designed to showcase what makes Lutsen Resort unique in 2 ways.

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    10 Activities for Kids Under 10

    Apart from throwing rocks into Lake Superior and enjoying the swimming pool, what else is there for younger kids to do at Lutsen Resort?! It’s a question we get frequently so we wanted to tell you some of our favorite activities for kiddos under 10! Comment below and let us know what yours are.

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    September Best Month

    Today on the blog we’d like to take on the controversial subject of the best month to visit the North Shore of Lake Superior. All North Shore enthusiasts have an opinion on this topic and with good reason – there are plenty of lovely times to visit this area.

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    Late Fall isn’t too Late for your Fall Getaway

    Last week we filmed our fall video shoot here at Lutsen Resort. The timing was tricky. The idea was that the second week of October would mean leaves were changing color down near Lake Superior but also sticking to their red, orange and yellow glory inland on the Sawtooth Mountains. In anticipation of the shoot, a nervous marketing director (me) was checking the weather daily. 

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    Top 5 Complimentary Activities at Lutsen Resort

    Ahh, Complimentary Activities. Here at Lutsen Resort, we are committed to getting our guests outside to play. For many guests, the complimentary activities are the most memorable part of their stay. The purpose of this blog is to outline some of our most popular activities as well as provide some insider tips on ways to enjoy them. 

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