Fall Color Update | Friday, September 30

We’ve been on quite a few hikes this week and the colors are definitely changing. There is still a band of color inland a few miles, on the mountain and hillsides. The green that has been prevalent on either side of the band is starting to become more yellow with orange popping through.

The weather was rainy with cooler temps at the beginning of the week, but warmed up Thursday to the mid-60s and the outlook is that it will stay mild through the weekend.

Along the shore, colors are at about 25% peak, inland roughly 50-60% and up the Gunflint, about 25% peak. Below are some images that were taken Wednesday and Thursday on a few hikes.



Honeymoon Trail, near Wild Country Maple Syrup


Honeymoon Trail



Fall’s color tour is on its way

We rolled into September with very mild temps, but yet a sense of change in the air. The amount of green down by the lake is misleading to the time of year we are in, but the fall colors are slowly appearing. The same goes for a few miles up inland. Last weekend, we took a hike up past the Temperance and though along the drive we were greeted with vibrant oranges and reds, just a few miles up on the trail itself, was covered with bright green and not a shade of fall to be found.


It seems as though there is a band or color that runs parallel to the shore, just a few miles inland. Any further on either side is predominately green. But with the temps starting to dip into the 50s and low 60s, we’re expecting colors to start becoming more vibrant and widespread over the next week.


White Sky trail, heading to Caribou Lake lookout



Lookout at Caribou Lake


Check back for updates as we go through the week!